December News

December 2013

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Greetings from Vanuatu!

Dave & I (Abby) have been away from home since November 1st and have had a very successful mission so far. We have completed our time in the Solomon Islands (SI) where we have distributed 1000 copies of the Solomon Pijin Bible. These Bibles went out to a hospital, 2 prisons (on Guadalcanal, including a school for the deaf and Makira) and to remote villages on the islands of Malaita, Choiseul, Makira and Guadalcanal. While in the Solomons we also distributed 20 Proclaimer (audio) Pijin Bibles, donated by our friends at Faith Comes By Hearing.

While in Vanuatu (a 2 hour flight from SI) we visited Port Vila hospital with Bibles and freely gave out 20 Bislama Proclaimers throughout remote islands in Vanuatu. The ‘Jesus’ film and a nature film were also shown whenever there was opportunity in SI and Vanuatu to hundreds of interested viewers. We witnessed many recommitments and some prayed the sinners prayer for the first time.

This year our two person Canadian team was increased to three as our long time friend and fellow Charity board member Phil Enarson joined us for nine days. It allowed him to take part in the historical ‘handing over’ of Vanuatu’s first Bible (150 years old this year) on November 24th in Port Vila. Phil has also had the opportunity to see the work of Bibles for the Poor Society first hand on the field. He has now experienced the heat, discomfort and some illness – all done for God’s glory.

Waves of Mercy International (our humanitarian branch) has been very active this trip in helping Atoifi hospital’s kitchen and purchasing building supplies for one homless family in the Solomon Islands. While in Vanuatu we have aided poverty stricken people with medicines and basic hygiene supplies. This mission we have become even more aware of the great medical needs in both countries.

We continue to thank God for your prayers and ongoing financial support. We have been relatively healthy – no major problems and we trust that God will continue to supply in the areas of health, safety and finances.

May you know God’s peace, faith and love this Christmas season and throughout 2014.

Meri Krismas!
Your Brother & Sister in Christ,
Dave & Abby Dever