Two Tentmakers – One Vision

(Jan. 8, 2007)

Dear Friends,

During this past year we have together been able to distribute 784 Bislama Bibles to the people of Vanuatu. 72 of these Bibles went to the island of Aniwa and 512 Bibles to Tanna and 200 to the people on the island of Pentecost. With your help over the past 5 years 2451 Bibles have been given for free to the needy people in Vanuatu. Many have turned to the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior after receiving a Bible.

We have just returned from our 5th mission trip to Vanuatu. A Wycliffe missionary living on the island of Tanna hadtentmakersphoto requested Bislama Bibles for hisHappy villagers receive Bibles from Bibles For The Poor Society students. He also explained that new churches are opening and many new christians have no Bibles. Bibles for the Poor Society went to this area with 200 Bibles in early November 2006.

In November 2006 Bibles for the Poor Society also blessed an entire village on Tanna in a very practical way by purchasing and delivering a new 30 horsepowered outboard motor for them. This will enable them to fish with their boat, giving them a better way of life. This was our ‘Good Samaritan Project’ for 2006.

Another exciting event that took place on our last mission trip was that God enabled us to bless a new island with His Word. This past November the island of Pentecost received 200 free Bislama Bibles for the first time ever. This island has over 14,000 inhabitants and only a handful have a bible. It was very heart wrenching to turn many away only because we didn’t have enough. We believe that God will send us back to Pentecost to share His Word with many more spiritually hungry souls.

As many of you know, we (Dave & Abby) are tentmaker/missionaries. Not really making tents but working self-employed throughout the year. Tentmaking is what the Apostle Paul did (in the Bible) to support himself and his friends on their missionary journeys. Dave & Abby feel the call to continue with missionary work and would like to give even more time to it as God provides. Lord willing they would like to devote at least 50% of their time working for God through Bibles for the Poor Society. To directly support Dave & Abby in this missionary call please indicate by writing “Missionary Support” on your donation, otherwise your donation will be used to purchase Bibles. All donations are tax receiptable. If you are interested in being a monthly donor (no amount is too small) you can find out more on the Contact Us¬†or Donate page.

May God richly bless you in this new year and always as we go out together as fellow workers (3John 1:7,8) in His name, doing His work.


Dave & Abby Dever