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Bibles for the Poor Society is the Ministry branch of Waves of Mercy International.

by Mail

Send check or money orders to:

Bibles for The Poor Society
Box 1000,
1350 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6Z 0C2

How is My Donation Used?

Donations are used to buy Bibles and personally distribute them to needy people - especially those in hospitals & prisons, to orphans and those in impoverished conditions. Our mandate is to go to remote places in developing countries. We are presently helping the countries of Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Swaziland.

How much of my donation goes to administration?

It is VERY, VERY important to us that your donation goes to the poor. Our yearly average is below 15% for administrative cost, which means that 85% of your donation directly helps those in need.

* 100% of funds donated for Bible programs go to that cause. We believe God would have us go on a “faith” basis for all administration expenses. If a donor desires, funds can be targeted toward either of these areas, a special project, or “where needed most”.

If we are blessed with a surplus in our administration budget, then the surplus would also go toward Bible programs. Current and past financial statements are readily available upon request. In the event that a special project or “cause” is oversubscribed, funds targeted towards a specific area may be prayerfully reallocated to another area at the discretion of Bibles For The Poor Society.