From the book ‘Practical Christianity’

2020-03-30T10:38:19-07:00March 30th, 2020|

"He whom You love is sick." John 11:3 The chapter from which this text is taken is well known to all Bible readers. In life-like description, in touching interest, in sublime simplicity, there is no writing in existence that will bear comparison with that chapter. A narrative like this is to my own mind [...]

December 2019

2019-12-11T17:01:22-08:00December 11th, 2019|

Happy Holidays dear Friends, I must admit my ‘Christmas spirit’ is down somewhat this year, maybe it’s because I’m focused on Dave & I leaving for a 6-week mission trip on December 30th to Vanuatu & Solomon Islands. But it’s still early and I have been watching some Christmas shows which always helps, lol. I [...]

Spring 2017

2017-07-28T17:18:35-07:00July 28th, 2017|

Dear Friends, We write to you again after returning from two more mission trips overseas, Vanuatu in November 2016 and Swaziland in February 2017. Your faithful support has made it possible for many more needy people to receive blessings in Jesus name. In Vanuatu, on the island of Futuna we celebrated the 175th anniversary of [...]

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