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December 2012

Dear Friends & Supporters,

We have just returned from our latest Mission Trip to the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Abby & I (Dave) have been ‘on the road’ for over 13 weeks and with your support, God has used us to do great things, to bless alot of people and share His love with thousands.

In the Solomon Islands we spent 7 weeks distributing 2000 Solomon Pijin Bibles and 76 Proclaimer audio Bibles. Malaita is one of the most populated islands with thick, sparsely roaded, bush separating over 100,000 people into hundreds of remote villages. Travelling by small canoe (boat) and hiking trails is the most effective way of reaching the people. Our invitation to board The Seahawk (Dayspring Ministries) fell through, due to mechanical problems that the ship encountered before even leaving Vanuatu. But God had a different plan, and we refocused our distribution on personally visiting the country’s 5 hospitals, 2 prisons and dozens of churches and villages throughout many of the islands.

2012_Dec_update_photoWhile in Vanuatu we visited 2 hospitals and 4 prisons, giving encouragement & hope to the country’s most desperate & needy citizens. Most evenings, as in Solomon Islands, Dave was out in the parks, slums & villages showing the ‘Jesus’ film along with other gospel films.The response of the people to Christ was supernatural, encouraging us immensely as we witnessed hundreds coming forward to genuinely receive the Lord Jesus into their lives. Though our bodies struggled through the heat and various ailments, it was all worthwhile seeing the people wanting to change their lives. We could almost hear the angels celebrating!

Not only did we find spiritually hungry people, we were also exposed to many people’s physical needs. One hospital in Solomon Islands is struggling to even stay open with only 1 doctor. They are so underfunded that the hospital cannot supply food for the patients. We fed many hungry patients during our 11 day stay at Atoifi, buying produce and fish from nearby markets. In Vanuatu, a blind infant was brought to Dave for prayer. He prayed, then funded a flight from Emae to Port Vila, where the mother could take her 6 month old to be diagnosed. Now she is awaiting surgery for Benjamin in early February to replace his cataract covered lenses and Lord willing, restore his sight. Another man, Dave took to a private Aussie doctor to be diagnosed with schizophrenia. We are praying that he will take the several months of medication that we bought him, so that he can be released from his anguish. Another poverty stricken family, all suffering with scabies, was brought to our attention just hours before we left the country. Please join us in prayer, what does He want us to do; surely we can do something…

Let this newsletter sink into your hearts, as a BIG encouragement to you, because you are part of the team. Our expenses this trip surpassed our estimates, and we are trusting God to supply. We are hoping that next year, we can present the citizens of Vanuatu with our original copy of their first Bible, translated 150 years ago by John Gettie and John Ingles. The Archive Building, where it will be housed, is being built as we speak. God unfolds His plan after we are faithful in taking the first step. It is truly inspiring and a priviledge to watch God’s plan revealed.

Your partnership with us, has made this all possible. Please ask Him how you can stay involved, we need you.

From the bottom of our hearts we ask God to guide & bless your family into and thru 2013.

His servants,

Dave & Abby Dever