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Fall 2011 Update

Dear Supporters and Friends,

We hope this update letter finds you blessed in His love.

I was just thinking today how truly blessed we are to have a Bible to read, especially after reading a story of a young Welsh girl, Mary Jones, who was sixteen years old. She had long loved the Word of God, but had no chance of reading it except by walking to her relatives two miles from her home, and borrowing theirs. She had saved up for years to buy herself a Bible. In the year 1800 she heard of Bibles for sale so she walked twenty eight miles through the mountains to a place called Bala, Wales. But she had come too late; every copy of the new edition was gone. Deeply moved by the girl’s tears and simple piety of her story, a man by the name of Rev. Thomas Charles gave her his copy, which he had laid aside for one of his friends. Mary then returned home, full of joy in her heart, with her Bible in hand.

We have seen many people like Mary over the years on our Bible distributions. One vivid memory was in the Solomon Islands. As we were giving out Bibles from a small boat, 4 women came running over a rocky embankment in bare feet to the water’s edge, they got our last four.

Our 10th Mission was this May when we went to Erromango Island in Vanuatu and took part in aHappy Solomon Islanders receive Bibles reconciliation service. On May 20, 1861, George and Ellen Gordon were martyred for the Gospel on this island. Mr. Robert Gordon and his daughter-in-law, Susan, (from Prince Edward Island, Canada) traveled with us. Mr. Gordon’s great grandfather was the brother to George and James Gordon, 2 missionary brothers. The Gideon’s International in Canada also partnered with us and sent Ron and Sheila Cummings (from New Brunswick) to join us in this historic event.

It is important for the Ni Vanuatu, according to there culture, to reconcile, even for the sins that were committed by their ancestors. It was May 20, 2011 when this reconciliation took place, exactly 150 years to the day since George and Ellen Gordon were martyred. I also offered a heartfelt apology on behalf of the ‘white tribe’ for all the cruel and inhumane acts that were done to them long ago (through the slave ships, sandalwood traders and whaling ships). Complete reconciliation took place that day, with heartfelt handshaking and many tears.

It was a very hard mission and we faced some high seas in our little open boat to get to our destination and back. One unforgettable event was when our outboard motor stalled and we were being tossed about at the mercy of the enormous waves. But fortunately our second rented boat came to our rescue and with much difficulty, successfully towed us into Cook’s Bay (named after Captain Cook who discovered Erromango in 1774). Thankfully, too, the wind was blowing us toward the shore and not out to sea.

As for our next mission, we would like to build on relationships we have established in Vanuatu. We also sense the call of the Spirit to go back to the Solomon Islands where there is great need for Bibles. God has also put into our hearts the country of Kiribati (formerly named Gilbert Islands) just east of the Solomons. Kiribati is in great need of Bibles too. We are praying and asking God for 5000 Bibles for each country.

We will continue to travel with our Jesus film equipment, inviting souls to come to the Lord. Abby and I believe it is God’s will that we go for longer periods of time so the needs of the people can be better met. We are trusting God to supply for this added commitment. Time here on earth is so short for us all, and there is still so very much to do. Bibles for the Poor Society asks that you would be in prayer for these primitive islands of the Pacific and ask God how He may want you to get more involved.

Thank you for all of your financial encouragement and for joining us as fellow workers. Your gifts are making an Eternal difference.

With heartfelt gratitude in His name,

Dave & Abby Dever