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April 20, 2011

Dear Friends & Supporters,

We are writing to inform you that on May 10th, 2011 we will be leaving for Vanuatu for another Bible distribution.

In January Dave was reading the missionary history of Erromango, a small island in Vanuatu, when he discovered that this year on May 20th will be 150 years since George Gordon (from Prince Edward Island) and his wife Ellen were martyred there in 1861. After sharing this fact with Jack Reuben the Bible Coordinator in Vanuatu, Jack asked Dave if he would organize a commemoration ceremony. As a result, other Christian leaders in Vanuatu are now planning for this important historical event. Through a series of miraculous (literally) events, we find ourselves eagerly awaiting our departure date.

Bible Distribution in Solomon IslandsThe people of Erromango are in great need of Bibles and what better time to give out the Word of God than during a Commemoration Ceremony remembering these Christian martyrs. We will also be reading a letter sent from the Gordon family descendants from PEI to the people of Erromango. It is important in the Erromangan culture to reconcile for the sins of their forefathers. We will also bless the people by showing them the Jesus film in their language.

Praise God! The Gideons International in Canada want to partner with us and are sending a couple from New Brunswick to join us in the Gospel work. While in Port Vila we plan to visit the hospital and prisons again, giving out Bibles there too.

We need and appreciate your prayers and support as we step out in faith believing and trusting that this is God’s will and He will meet all of our needs. We thank you for your support as fellow helpers to the truth. 3John:1:8

We can be assured that His Word shall not return void but that it will achieve the purpose for which He has sent it. Isaiah 55:11

May God bless you as you send out His Word with us in His name.

Happy Easter – He has risen, He has risen indeed!

Dave & Abby Dever – Founders