“This paper on Sickness (an excerpt from the book ‘Practical Christianity’) written in the 1800’s by J. C. Ryle, an Anglican bishop in England has some interesting insights.

We would like to do our part in comforting, blessing and encouraging others. If you would like to join us in reaching out to those in need, you can give on our ‘Donate’ page.

Thank you for your support and may God bless you and your loved ones.’

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Urgent Update. Your help is needed!

Recently Waves of Mercy International has been made aware of the desperate need for anti venom in Swaziland, Africa. People are dying and losing limbs from the poisonous bites of snakes. The bites from the black mamba and Mozambique spitting cobra, to name a few, are causing great suffering among the poor there. The anti venom is very costly (approximately $120 Canadian per vial) and each victim needs at least 5 vials to survive. The cost for treatment is out of reach for most people as the average daily income is about $1 US per day. The situation is desperate and time is very critical after one is bitten, anti venom must be administered within the first few hours.

Call to Action:

Waves of Mercy International has recently purchased and delivered 53 vials of anti venom to the Good Shepherd Hospital in Swaziland. The stock of anti venom has now been used; we need to purchase more as soon as possible. We have also purchased and delivered medical equipment to this hospital to help the doctors treat snake bite victims. Another great need for this region is to have a 4×4 vehicle which could be used as an ambulance as people are not able to get transport to the hospital from the rural areas.

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The Good Shepherd Hospital receives anti venom from Waves of Mercy International. Sadly anti venom only lasted 3 weeks, after which snake bite victims died due to no anti venom available, including 2 small children, bitten in the face.

Our humanitarian branch, Waves of Mercy International is currently receiving emergency funds to do our part to help Vanuatu recover. You can help through the DONATE page on the Waves of Mercy International website or by mailing a cheque to:

Waves of Mercy International

Box 1000, 1350 Burrard Street,
Vancouver, BC. V6Z 0C2

Or, you can donate at this website, by clicking on the Donate Now button.

help save the lives of snake bite victims

HUMANITARIAN AID – Bibles For the Poor Society is now approved by the Canadian Government for an expanded mandate to include Humanitarian Aid in its activities. While our primary emphasis remains to minister to the needs of those who are spiritually hungry, we are now able to minister to both the spiritual and physical needs of those who are less fortunate.

Our mission is to seek out the poor and needy Bibleless people in the outermost parts of the earth, to give eternal hope by providing Bibles that are understandable to them, free of charge.

“So much to be done yet… Who will go…?” – Isaiah 6:8

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